Scooby-Doo Mystery Van Ideas

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine van have provided decades of entertainment for children and adults. In conjunction with watching Scooby's cartoon adventures, young kids may request that their bedrooms have a Mystery Machine theme. Parents may consider various ideas from online shops on how to incorporate the fictional van into a child's bedroom, making it Mystery Machine Central in the process.

Wall Decor

Kids may like seeing Scooby and the van on bedroom walls. With peel-and-stick wall borders adorning the walls, a parent or someone with artistic talent could draw the passenger side of the Mystery Machine on the wall. To avoid a messy wall, the artist first should practice drawing the van on paper.

Using a picture as a guide, the artist should include all the van's psychedelic features and match the blue, green and orange color scheme as closely as possible. Once the drawing and borders are in place, a child can put Scooby/Mystery machine posters on the wall. Scooby Mystery Machine curtains may cover any bedroom windows.


For a child's bedding, "A Scooby Mystery" twin comforter and sheet set, which Warner Bros. manufactures, should enhance a child's bedtime experience. A child also may like a "Mystery Dreams" royal plush throw, featuring an image of Scooby lounging in front of the van.

A child may like snuggling up to a plush/bean bag Scooby and Mystery Machine. Warner Bros. no longer manufactures bean bags for Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma, though they may be available as used items on sites like eBay.

Dresser/Nightstand Items

On the dresser or nightstand, a Mystery Machine lampshade should cover the bedroom's light source. Next to the lamp could be Funko's "Mystery Machine Bobble-Bank," which features Scooby poking out of the van's roof.

To wake up in the morning or keep track of time, a child may use a Mystery Machine alarm clock. The clock also serves as a night light, helping a child see the time should he wake up during the night or glance at his Scooby/Mystery Machine bedroom environment.

A dresser may be a good spot to display Supertechnology's Mystery Machine toy, available by itself or as a package containing all five Scooby character figures. The van's back pops off and reveals the gang's base station/headquarters.

Other Bedroom Accessories

A child's book shelf, lined with Scooby/van paper, could hold Scooby books such as Publication International's "Wipe-Off Mystery Books" set, which features eight board books housed in a Mystery Machine storage box. Also fitting is a harder-to-find item, "Scooby-Doo and You Mystery Club," for which a cardboard van houses more than 30 paperback Scooby books.

On top of the bedroom TV could be JAKKS Pacific's "Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Castle." This five-game item has a joystick in the shape of the Mystery Machine and plugs directly into a TV.

Trademark's zip-up "Mystery Machine on Wheels" may serve as decor in the bedroom. For the times away from the bedroom, a child may wheel the backpack/wheeled bag to school or use for luggage on a family trip.

Mystery Machine Inflatable

A child with a bedroom large enough to accommodate an 11-foot high, 30-foot-wide inflatable may have a "Mystery Machine 3-in-1" right in his bedroom. This item (less pricey as a rental) includes a climber, jumping area and a slide and would make a fun attraction if a child has friends over for a birthday party.

For many people, this item would be too large for a bedroom (and the house in general) and would work better for an outdoor event or at an indoor family entertainment venue.