The Best Rural Places to Retire

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If you are tired of living in the rat race of city life, rural living can be a quiet escape to enjoy your retirement life. Rural living does not mean that you have to go buy a farm and your nearest neighbor is miles away. Small-town living can also have a rural tone and a slower pace.

Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, offers the beauty of nature, small-town amenities and close proximity to Washington and Baltimore. You can get to a metropolitan location within 90 minutes by car. Year-round festivals, live music and theater will keep you busy. You can relax while shopping or pampering yourself in one of the many full-service spas. Berkeley Springs offers a variety of real estate options from which you can choose, whether you want to live along the river in a log house, in the privacy of the woods or in the mountains in a country home.


Bozeman, Montana, offers a mountain view in a small-town setting. Bozeman provides a variety of outdoor adventure activities, skiing in the winter, and rafting and zip-lining in the summer. Bozeman is also an affordable option when you're looking to purchase a new home for retirement. Restrictions have been placed on structures and urban planning for historic preservation. This means that you have a quiet, small town that will remain that way without massive condominiums popping up next door.


Concho, Arizona, offers affordable properties in a small-town setting. If you want an active retiree lifestyle, Concho offers hiking, golfing, hunting and horseback riding within minutes. Day trips to the Grand Canyon or Canyon de Chelly are convenient. If you want to escape harsh winters, Concho experiences mild climates for all four seasons, with light snowfall. If you are interested in gardening or landscaping, the soil quality is excellent, according to the Concho Arizona website.