Romantic Ideas for an Anniversary at Home

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A romantic wedding anniversary often means dinner out, maybe some dancing and then retiring to a luxurious suite at a hotel. This year, consider saving a lot of money, and still making your anniversary special, by employing some romantic ideas for an anniversary at home. Dinner and a romantic evening at home can be a welcome change of pace from getting dressed up to head out and celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Picnic in Bed

Rather than leaving your home for an anniversary picnic, consider having the picnic at home in bed. Pack a picnic lunch in a basket, and then make plans to meet in bed to have your anniversary dinner. Put candles around the bed and play some soft music to set the proper mood. Having your anniversary picnic in bed means no concerns about the weather or insects ruining your meal. Include a bottle of champagne and two glasses to top off your romantic picnic.

Quiet Evening

Many couples make arrangements to leave their home on their anniversary to have a quiet evening in a hotel or a bed and breakfast. For a change of pace, get the kids out of the house for the evening and enjoy your quiet anniversary evening at home alone. After the clatter and noise that can sometimes go on during the course of a regular day, being alone in your quiet home on your anniversary can make it feel like a different place. Try a candlelight dinner at your own dining room table, and then watch a romantic movie together on your own couch without the normal commotion.

Incense, Candles and Rose Petals

Dress up your bathtub and bed areas with incense, scented candles and rose petals for a romantic anniversary experience at home. Scatter red rose petals on the floor making a path from your bathtub to your bed. Light sticks of incense and scented candles in both rooms before starting your romantic evening, and allow them to burn so that their scent permeates the house. Make the candlelight the only light in your bathroom and bedroom for the evening. Red roses symbolize love, so walk only on the rose petals when you move from room to room.

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