How to Report Harassing Phone Calls With AT&T

by Catherine Chase

There are many types of harassing phone calls. Not all annoyance calls are illegal, such as collect calls and political campaign calls. AT&T offers advice on dealing with both illegal and legal nuisance calls. For example, AT&T offers a service to block collect calls. If you receive illegal harassment calls, such as those featuring obscene content, your first course of action should typically be to call the police. Then, report the problem to your phone service provider. AT&T offers an online form for reporting harassing calls.

Go to AT&T's Annoyance Call Bureau web page. Click on "Annoyance Call Types."

Scan the list of harassing phone call types. Locate the type of call that best applies to your situation. Some categories of annoyance calls include life threatening calls, high pitch tone calls, silent hang-up calls and obscene calls.

Read the advice that follows under your type of call. AT&T advises you to call the police for calls that may require a criminal investigation, such as bomb threats.

Report your annoyance call to AT&T in accordance with the category-specific advice. If it is a criminal call, do this after you have called the police. Under the category "Bomb Threats" click on "Click here to enter information." This will take you to an online form where you may report any type of annoyance call. It is not restricted to just bomb threat reports.

Select the type of annoyance call from the menu. Answer the questions by checking "Yes" or "No." The questions include whether you have a police case number for the incident and whether you have previously reported the calls to AT&T.

Click on "Continue." Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your report.

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  • Alternatively, you may call AT&T and ask to file a report with the Annoyance Call Bureau. Provide the representative with relevant information, such as when you received the call, who called you and why it may be considered an annoyance call.

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