How to Protect a Swimsuit From Chemicals

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If you love splashing around in the pool for fun or swimming laps to keep fit, you might notice your swimsuit becomes discolored after a few dips. The culprit is the chemicals in the water, which not only mess with the color, but also break down the elasticity of swimwear. This can leave your once red swimsuit pink, and it might not hug your body like it once did. You don’t have to forgo your weekly swim sessions or stay inside all summer just to keep your swimsuit looking like new. Take the proper steps to protect your swimsuit from the pool chemicals so you can enjoy the water without worrying about what it’s doing to your swimwear.

Step 1

Soak your swimsuit in a mixture of 1 quart of cool water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar for 30 minutes before you wear it for the first time. This will help set in the color and prevent fading.

Step 2

Rinse your swimsuit before and after getting into the pool. Run the fabric under cool water before swimming to keep it from absorbing excessive amounts of chlorine, and do the same after swimming to get rid of any chlorine left on the fabric. Do not use warm or hot water to rinse because this can weaken the fibers.

Step 3

Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar when washing your swimsuit. Vinegar helps to neutralize the chemicals and prevents discoloration.

Step 4

Mix 1 gallon of cool water and 1 drop of anti-chlorine drops into a sink or bucket. Soak your swimsuit in the solution for 30 minutes each time it’s exposed to chlorine or pool chemicals as an alternative to soaking it in vinegar. Don’t rinse the bathing suit after soaking. This process will neutralize any chemicals on the fabric that can cause damage or discoloration.