How to Wear a Suit in the Rain

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Wearing a suit requires a little more attention to weather, plans and activity than normal clothing. When it's raining or may rain, you must prepare yourself and your suit to stay dry as possible to avoid expensive cleaning bills. You can look good and protect your suit at the same time with a little preparation and strategic accessorizing. Don't be caught out in the rain with your suit, as you may not only soil it but ruin it.

Check the weather online, in the newspaper or on television to see estimated rainfall, chances of precipitation and potential winds. Knowing how severe the weather may be will help you better prepare to wear your suit in the rain.

Wear a waterproof overcoat. You don't have to buy a bright yellow raincoat to stay dry in the rain; there are many stylish trench coats and classic overcoats that repel rain and can match your suit. Depending on your taste and the type of suits you wear, choose a jacket that fits over your suit coat.

Carry a sturdy, solid colored umbrella. Black complements most suit colors, as does khaki or navy. Buy a solid umbrella that has a good handle so you can carry it like a cane. Even if it doesn't rain, an umbrella makes a nice accessory for a suit.

Wear galoshes over your dress shoes to protect them from rain. Galoshes are over-sized, usually rubber shoes, that slip over your regular shoes to keep them from getting wet. You only need galoshes for heavy downpours or in areas with lots of standing water. If there's only a light rain shower and you'll just be outside for a few minutes, you probably won't need galoshes.

Sport a stylish felt or wool hat and use waterproofing spray on it. Many felt dress hats like fedoras, top hats, derbies and bowlers repel rain and complement a suit, depending on your taste and fashion.

Take a cab or use public transportation to avoid walking in the rain in a suit as much as possible. If you don't have your overcoat or umbrella, keep your suit as dry as possible.