#ProjectThrowdown: Ikea Lack Table Hack

Project Throwdown Ikea Lack Hack

What do you get when you put together an Ikea Lack table, paint or decoupage, chain(s) and one sonotube? You get a seriously creative #ProjectThrowdown home decor challenge.

Project Throwdown Ikea Lack Hack

We asked six top creators (and eHow contributors) to design their own projects using the four materials above. The results are a do-it-yourselfer's dream. So take a look. Get inspired. And vote by pinning your favorite project. These are so cool, why not share them with the world?

Modern Vertical Garden

Tim & Mary Vidra, 17 Apart

Dynamic duo Tim and Mary Vidra of 17 Apart turned their table on it's side to create a modern hanging wall garden. Slicing their sonotube down to size, three separate planters were arranged to showcase beautiful succulents. Simply mist the plants every once in a while and watch this garden grow.

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Paint Chip Dog Bed

Jonathan Fong, Jonathan Fong Style

Jonathan Fong of Jonathan Fong Style always sees potential projects from an interesting angle. Turning a table upside down, he designed a clever and colorful four-poster Pantone (Panbone) paint chip dog bed. Additional adorable pooch recommended (but unfortunately not included).

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Succulent Garden Frame

Lucy Atkins, Craftberry Bush

The appeal of succulents strikes again. Lucy Akins from Craftberry Bush wasn't shy about literally hacking up her table to create this lovely vertical garden planter. Lucy's designer tip is to either hang it or lay it flat on a patio table.

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Herb Garden and Planter

Summer Hogan, Simple Stylings

For Summer Hogan of Simple Stylings, these materials may have seemed random at first, but her final project makes everything look like they belong together. The result? A new home for her herbs and plants. Perfect for gardeners with smaller spaces, don't you think?

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Vintage Modern End Table


From simple to simply stunning, Rachel Pereira of Shades of Blue Interiors turns a plain table into a design-worthy piece. Is your couch calling for this beautiful (yet budget-friendly) companion?!

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Hanging Planter

Sara Budisantoso, Hola Sara

Cactus lovers, please apply. Sara Budisantoso with Hola Sara slashes her sonotube right in half to form two-tiered hanging shelves for her cacti and succulent collection. Plants that need full sun are arranged on top, while plants that need partial shade and sun are placed on bottom.

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Pinning and More #ProjectThrowdown

So, we want to know: What's your favorite project? Be sure to pin it and place your votes.

Looking for more #ProjectThrowdown challenges? You'll never believe what a whole new group of contributors are creating for our crafts throwdown with some old jeans, lace... and a couple other surprises. Stay tuned.