Party Favor Ideas for Martial Arts

by Michelle Bermas ; Updated September 28, 2017

Themed parties are a lot of fun. For a martial arts party, think karate plates, cups and napkins with a dragon pinata centerpiece. Party favors are often overlooked and kids walk away disappointed with a bag of cheap plastic. Much like purchasing a special birthday gift, it’s always appreciated when there’s effort made to give a decent party favor.

Luckily with a martial arts theme, there are a ton of great choices. Instead of a typical party bag, consider using chinese takeout containers. Or let the kids create their own favors by using karate stencils on a blank pillowcase.


On the party invitations, ask kids to wear a white T-shirt. Once they arrive, they get to pick out a belt as a party favor. You can purchase multicolored belts or black (the highest) for all. You can take photos of your karate team and email the parents the photos.


Since tae kwon do kicks and chops are all the rage, you can give posters (small or large) as a favor. Children love decorating their room and they’ll treasure the memory.

There's also a karate game you can play with a poster. For a younger crowd, you could pin the tail on the Master. Use a poster or have the birthday girl stand still while her blindfolded friends “tape” a “belt” onto her.

Fun Stuff and School Supplies

Karate rubber duckies,Chinese wrist power beads, ninja action figures, karate headbands and mini zipper pulls (for their jackets) are all fun favors.

You could also purchase a martial arts holiday ornament whatever time of year it is. Children can hang it a knob on their dresser or tack it to a bulletin board.

They’re too young to drive, but kids still love keychains. Try adorable mini-headgear keychains that come in many colors, including red, silver and black protective foam. Or choose a sophisticated ying/yang keychain.

Children also love new school supplies. Try a black belt pencils, pens, notebooks and erasers.

Baked Goods

You can’t go wrong with a sugar cookie decorated with white frosting with a colored belt. Wrap it up in cellophane and a ribbon and you have a sweet favor for all ages. You can also have the kids decorate two cookies. They can eat one now and take one home for later.

T-shirts and Arts and Crafts

Consider purchasing T-shirts in bulk as party favors. It’s a fun way to celebrate. sells shirts that say, “I partied with Master __ at his 8th Birthday party.”

Another idea is to purchase preprinted karate pillowcases and include karate stencils as a take-home gift. Or go with an arts and crafts theme by purchasing fabric markers so kids can decorate T-shirts, pillowcases or a canvas bag. They can also make homemade head scarves from fabric strips.

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