Party Favor & Decoration Ideas for a 30th Anniversary Dinner

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If you're throwing a 30th wedding anniversary party for friends or loved ones, a number of creative decorations and party favors can make the event especially memorable. The 30th anniversary is traditionally associated with pearls (although the more modern symbol is the diamond) and the color green, so incorporate these elements into your party planning.

Using a Green Color Scheme

The 30th wedding anniversary color is green, so you can use various shades of this hue to liven up the party space. If the celebration will be held in the fall or winter months, a darker shade such as hunter green is appropriate. Pistachio and kelly green are ideal for spring and summer parties; these colors will complement garden blooms if you're having an outdoor party. Use green for tablecloths and candles, Tie green satin bows to the backs of the chairs and serve the dinner courses in green bowls to keep the color theme consistent. Take the personal style of the couple into consideration when selecting green decor as well. For instance, if the couple loves to garden, make edible centerpieces using green vegetables artistically arranged on pretty platters with gardening tools and gloves. If the wedding anniversary is in March or the members of the couple are of Irish descent, go with a shamrock theme. Make centerpieces out of shamrock plants, sprinkle small paper shamrocks on each table, and make shamrock place cards for each guest.

Decorating With Pearls and Diamonds

The traditional anniversary gift for being married 30 years is pearls; the more modern gift is diamonds. You can include both of these elements when decorating for the anniversary dinner party. Large plastic diamonds can be hot-glued to plastic gold napkin holders to resemble wedding rings, and small plastic diamonds can be sprinkled around the centerpieces for each table. Large, round white vases with an iridescent finish similar to pearls can grace each table, filled with lush green plants to incorporate the 30th anniversary color. You an also use strings of synthetic pearls to drape around the backs of chairs, or to create a border around the charger plates (large decorative plates that dinner plates rest on). The color pearl can also be used for the tablecloths and napkins. Alternatively, try an ocean theme revolving around pearls and oysters.

Green Party Favors

Giving the guests something to remember the dinner party by will add sentimental value to the celebration. Give each guest a small potted plant (bamboo is especially easy to care for) with a green ribbon tied around the pot that says, "May we continue to grow together," along with the names of the anniversary couple. This fits into the green theme for 30th wedding anniversaries. In the months following the party, guests will remember the anniversary couple and their party as they tend to their plants and watch them grow.

Pearl Holiday Ornament Favors

To send everyone home with a pearl wedding favor, buy large synthetic pearls from the local craft store and add simple decorations to create holiday ornaments (be sure to keep the decor neutral to accommodate guests of different religions). Write sayings, or pearls of wisdom, such as "Laugh often" or "Enjoy the simple things in life" on the pearls. You can coordinate the ornament designs to match whatever decorating theme you have chosen.

CD Compilation Favors

Make compilation CDs using the songs that were at the top of the charts when the couple was married 30 years ago. Ask around to be sure you have the couple's wedding song and any other songs that are important to them. Create a CD sleeve featuring pictures of the couple ranging from when they were first together until the current day. Burn enough copies of the CD for each guest.