Party Bus Ideas

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Renting a party bus has become a very popular idea for both young children and adults. Many adults rent party buses for bachelor or bachelorette parties or 21st birthday parties, and some parents even rent out party buses for their school-aged children. Many party hosts incorporate some interesting and unique touches into the party bus to make their party memorable.

1980s Theme

A party can be extra special if it has a theme—especially one that the party guests can really get into. An ‘80s theme is great for young adult parties. The outfits are easy to put together and fun to wear. You can even decorate the inside of the bus in 1980s memorabilia—such as movie posters from that decade. A 1980s theme can make the party bus experience more fun without costing a lot more money. Some party bus companies, including Boston’s Bustonian, even have special themed 1980s buses.


Children will love riding on the party bus, but they may need some additional entertainment during the ride. Consider hiring a magician to perform while the bus is traveling. Some magicians even have special tricks designed for party buses. Magician fees vary widely based on experience and reputation. Some party bus companies have partnerships with certain magicians allowing you to get a discuss rate if you book both.

Special Cocktail

Adult party buses are often associated with alcohol, play up the association by offering a specially mixed cocktail just for the occasion. If your party has a theme, choose a cocktail to match. For example, if you are hosting a Hawaiian-themed party, consider serving a pina colada as the signature drink. Most party bus companies will require all partygoers to show identification before getting on the bus, though, so be sure that all of your invited guests are of age.

Historical Tour

Put a spin on the party bus concept by hosting a wine and cheese historical tour of a city. Senior citizens might enjoy touring Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco or other historical cities in a party bus while sipping wine and listening to music. Alternatively, a tour of your family's hometown on a party bus could add a new twist to your next family reunion.

Miniature Golf

While a miniature golf course may not fit on the party bus, you can incorporate mini golfing into a party bus outing. Both kids and adults will enjoy traveling in the party bus to get to a miniature golf course, playing a round, and then hopping back on the bus for dinner and/or drinks. If you are hosting an adult party, be sure your guests have not had too much to drink prior to golfing.