Parfum Vs. Toilette

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When you go to a department stores, you may see that perfume bottles are labeled either "Eau de Parfum" or "Eau de Toilette." Perfumes can be expensive, and costs typically range from $75 to $150. You may not know the difference between parfum and toilette, since both bottles may smell the same, but it is important to know the reasons why these bottles are labeled as such.


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The main differences between parfum and toilette are found in the concentration of the scent as well as the type of oil used in these mixtures. Parfum is more potent than toilette. Parfums may use coconut oil, while toilettes may use jojoba oil. Eau de parfum lasts for a longer time than eau de toilette. It is important to note that eau de parfum does not necessarily mean that it's better; the two fragrances are used for different purposes.

Eau de Parfum

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Parfums have 10 to 20 percent of the fragrant extracts and oils, while the rest consists of fillers like alcohol. These perfumes are more expensive because they have a higher concentration of fragrance. Typically, bottles with these designations are stronger than other categories.

Eau de Toilette

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These fragrances have five to 15 percent of the fragrant extracts and oils, and the rest of the mixture consists of alcohol. Eau de toilette may be the least expensive perfume in a fragrance line. However, you may need to use more of the fragrance because the scent may wear off after three hours.


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Eau de toilette scents are typically used for everyday wear, since you may need a scent that is not too strong for work or while running errands. Eau de parfum scents are most commonly used in the evening and if you want to smell extra fragrant. When the scent is noticeable by someone who is at arm's distance from you, this means that you have put on enough perfume.

Application Tips

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When applying perfume, make sure that you apply it on your skin, especially in areas that may help in releasing the scent, such as your wrist, neck and your arms. These are warm areas of the body which may aid in making the scent more fragrant. When using eau de toilette, you should also use a lotion with the same fragrance to complement the scent.

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