How to Use Body Spray

Using a body spray is an ideal way to add subtle fragrance to the body without going overboard. A body spray is lighter than a perfume or cologne, and it is often sprayed in various spots on the body after showering. Although body spray is applied more liberally than traditional perfume or cologne, it is still important to use in moderate amounts to prevent nasal irritation for others or overwhelming them with intense fragrances.

Use a body spray after taking a shower. Sprays are not meant to mask body odor caused by a lack of hygiene, so use once the body is clean and an anti-perspirant or deodorant is used.

Apply the body spray to pulse points in order to allow the fragrance to last longer. Points include the inside of wrists, knees and elbows, as well as neck, chest and behind the ears. Choose only a couple of these locations to prevent overdoing the fragrance.

Try using various sprays on different days of the week. Choose smells that are appealing from retail stores like Target or Bath and Body Works, where both men and women have an ample selection of sprays and scents.

Use a small amount of body spray, even if it does not seem like enough. As we apply the spray, our noses become accustomed to the scent, which causes over usage. In addition, the scent is never as strong to the individual wearing it as it is to those around her. Only use a few spritzes at a couple select locations on the body.

Never spray onto the face, since the ingredients can cause irritation or dry out the skin.