How to Use Body Spray & Cologne


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When using body spray or cologne, you are trying to create allure and leave people around you enjoying your scent. Too much fragrance triggers breathing problems or allergies in some, turning them off to the person wearing it. Too little scent is a waste, since it dissipates before having the desired effect. Use the right amount of cologne and body spray and choose wisely when purchasing so that your signature fragrance gives the public the right message about you.

Shower using a shower gel that complements your selected fragrance. Towel off. Using a scented shower gel that complements your fragrance creates a layered effect and helps the fragrance last longer.

Apply body spray or cologne while still naked and warm from the shower. Spray one time, holding the spray at least 6 inches from the body and covering the surface of your body that will be covered by clothes. If you are using cologne instead of body spray, it is more concentrated, and you only need a small amount. Dab a bit on the underside of your elbows. If this is a date night, add one fingertip's worth to the back of the neck.

Dress. Wash your hands to prevent transferring residual scent during handshakes or rubbing your eyes.