Pajama Party Outfit Ideas

by Mimi Abney ; Updated November 30, 2018

Choose a pair of pajamas that makes you look sophisticated, but still playful.

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Pajama parties are not just child’s play. In fact, you might attend a pajama party as a fundraiser for a non-profit or participate in a festive sleepover for an evening bridal party. Whatever the occasion, you’ll need comfortable, beautiful and age-appropriate outfits for a pajama party that flatters your figure and your lifestyle.

Black and White Pajamas

Black and white pajamas are versatile and beyond boring when you pick a pattern featuring polka dots or stripes. If you have a curvy figure, wear non-clingy fabrics that skim the body, such as jersey, or a blended Lycra, cotton or rayon. Pair your black and white pajamas with velvet mules or animal print flats for a subtle touch of elegance. If you want to add a pop of color to your black or white pajamas, add scarlet red or fuchsia pink shoes and accessories to accent the look.

Floral Pajamas

Step out in a dressy and floral pair of pajamas for a party. Pretty florals are appropriate for a springtime pajama party for women and girls. The best way to wear a floral pattern is to keep the size of the floral small and simple. To highlight your floral pajamas best, pair with gold or brown ballet flats for a party. To wear pajamas that flatter your figure, treat the pajama top and bottoms the same way you wear a suit: find a pair that suits your body perfectly. Choose a pair that corresponds with your dress size. Women size zero to six can wear extra-small or small pajamas, while women size eight and up will wear medium to large-sized pajamas.

Pastel Pajamas

Pastel pink is a pajama classic and a spring color that is wearable year-round. To add sparkle to your pajama ensemble for a party, look for pajama tops with embellishment on the collar or sleeves. A little sparkle goes a long way, so if you are wearing a pink pajama top adorned with sequins or small crystals, keep your pajama bottoms plain. If you are attending a pajama fundraising party at a hotel or ballroom, choose pajamas that are festive, but not see-through.

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