Open House Favor Ideas

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If you are planning an open house for a holiday party or a special event you'll need open house favor ideas that you can use to reflect the theme of your party. There are budget friendly and economical gifts that you can give your guests as a token of gratitude for attending your open house.

Baked Goods

Make a batch of cupcakes or cookies right before the guest are due to arrive to make your home smell delicious and allow you to serve your guests oven-fresh party favors. Whip up festive mini-loaves of bread, studded with raisins and swirled with cinnamon, or make a batch of sugar cookies; frost them with party theme colors or make special messages using icing. Wrap the sweet treats in cellophane and give them to your guests before they leave. Jars of homemade jams and jellies also make charming party favors and can be decorated with ribbons for a festive look.

Nuts and Candy

If you are planning an open house on a budget, buy a bulk bag of candy or nuts and divide them into individual party favors. Place the treats into colorful cellophane bags tied with ribbons or put them into inexpensive metal tins.

Customize the candy favors to reflect specific holidays and celebrations. If you are hosting a Christmas open house, use red and green jelly beans or for a graduation bash, buy hard candies in the color of the graduate's high school colors.

Personalized Candles

Use votives and candle holders to create personalized party favors. Put votives in small glass candle holders, which you have painted of stenciled the guests' names on or customize the holders with designs like hearts for a Valentines's Day open house.

Cameras and Photo Albums

Give guests disposable cameras and mini photo albums so they can use it for photos that they take at the open house party. As a special touch, paint or stencil the party date and celebration occasion on the front of each album using craft paint; you can also customize the covers with stickers or glue-on gems.


Give party guests a live plant to take home as a reminder of the celebration. Place the plants into inexpensive terra cotta holders, which you can personalize with their names or the occasion using craft paint.