Open House Bridal Shower Games

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If you are planning an open house bridal shower, guests will be given an open period of time in which to arrive and congratulate the bride-to-be. Since guests can show up at any time during the open window, all of the guests may not be there at one time to participate in bridal shower activities. Fortunately, there are a number of games and activities that won't require the full guest list to be present at once and will allow guests to join in and leave when they need to.

How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Write out a list of 20 to 25 questions about the bride-to-be. Questions can include details of where she was born, what types of animals she had growing up, the names of her imaginary friends as a child and the name of her first boyfriend. Include embarrassing questions such as how long she and the groom dated before they had their first kiss; another example is to ask guests to write down what they think the bride's biggest fear is. Guests can answer the questions and turn them in to the hostess. The guest with the most correct answers wins; the winner receives a prize that can be handed out at the wedding if the guest is no longer present at the shower. It is also easy to incorporate guests who have just arrived into this game.

Fill-in-the-Blank Vows

Guests can help the bride and groom write their own vows with a fill-in-the-blank vows game. On one sheet of paper write "I (bride's name) take you (groom's name) and promise to" and on a second sheet of paper write "I (groom's name) take you (bride's name) and promise to." Have guests write a line for each sheet. This game will get a lot of laughs if the guests don't take it too seriously with vows such as "I promise to put the toilet seat down" or "I promise to always agree that you are right." Again, since this game can incorporate newly arrived guests as well as guests that need to leave, it is ideal for an open house bridal shower.

Name That Spice

While guests are at the shower, have them play a game of Name That Spice. Select ten different spices and line them up in unmarked dishes numbered one through ten on a table. Each guest gets a chance to name each spice. The guest who names the most spices correctly wins; a spice rack would be a perfect gift for the winner of this game. Use unusual spices like Anise Seed, Marjoram, Tarragon and Turmeric to make the game more challenging. Anyone can join in this game when they arrive at the shower.

Bride Datebook

Purchase a small date book with blank pages for each month of the year. On each month's page write down an activity that guests can do with the bride. Choose activities like going out for drinks, having lunch, seeing a movie or going shopping. Put the pages in a bowl and have guests draw a card out and write their name next to the activity. The bride will have a year's worth of social events to look forward to with different people from the shower. Allow guests to re-choose their cards if they are limited financially or with their schedule for any of the activities. This game can be ongoing during the whole open house bridal shower.