Never Get Bored This Summer with a Scratch Off Summer Bucket List

During the summer, we have so many things we want to do. The season cruises by so quickly, and we only end up doing a few of the those things. This summer, we decided to make a bucket list. Rather than just posting a list on the fridge, I made a scratch off bucket list. When we have a free day, the kids choose a shape to scratch off and we do what it says underneath.

Here are the items we added to our list. You can download the blank bucket list, fill it in with your own to-do activities and print it. Or you can use our bucket list.

To make the list a scratch off, the paper needs to be covered with plastic. I used a sheet of transparency film that I bought at a long time ago at a garage sale. To adhere the film to the bucket list, I put a glue dot in each corner. Self-adhesive laminating sheets work as well. Transparency film and self-adhesive laminating sheets can be purchased at office supply stores. Once the list is covered, mix together 2 parts of silver paint to 1 part of dish soap. Paint the mixture over the shapes, leaving a small, colorful border. Allow the paint to dry, and then add a second layer.

After the paint dries completely, use a coin to scratch off a shape to see what is written underneath.

The scratched-off, bucket list items will serve as a visual reminder of all the fun things your family will do over the summer!

Photo Credit: Tonia Larson