Native American Party Ideas

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Themed parties add something special to a traditional child's birthday party or adult event. Themes can be subtle, or go all-out to include costumes, theme-related food, crafts, games and more. While there are many themes, a Native American party appeals to all ages. For boys, it speaks of nature and adventure. Girls are drawn to the romance of the life and dress. Adults can use a Native American theme for fun, or to explore more serious aspects of culture and history.

Boy's Birthday Party

A Native American theme for a boy's birthday party allows for physical activity and action games. A tepee in the yard is a good focal point. Send invitations shaped like totem poles or tepees. Provide feathered headbands to each guest. Games could include a treasure hunt for various animal tracks, pre-placed around the house and yard on 3-by-5 cards. Repeat the tepees or totem poles on napkins, party favors and a tablecloth. A simple leather craft kit works for a quieter activity, or as a prize. Finish with a sheet cake decorated with frosted sugar cones as tepees.

Girl's Birthday Party

Invite the girls to come in costume, then start the party with a face paint activity. Make small dream catchers as a craft activity, or give a larger one as a prize to the girl with the best face paint. Provide beads and leather laces for a necklace. Include a game of musical chairs modified to include Native American-type dancing around the chairs to drum music. A sheet cake decorated with leaves, nuts, birds and animal tracks hints at woodland Native American life.

Adult Native American Theme Backyard Barbecue

Adults enjoy theme parties as much or even more than children. Those with a backyard grill or fire pit already have the foundation for a Native American theme party. Create a rustic look around the grill or fire pit with logs or rocks as seats. Costumes are optional, but hang some dream catchers around and serve roasted corn, whole roasted chickens and fry bread. Native American music on the sound system would add to the ambiance, as would lit tiki torches.

Adult Native American Theme Dinner Party

For an indoor dinner party, either sit-down or buffet-style, encourage guests to wear costumes. In addition to Native American music, decorate with dried native grasses and plants, woven baskets, carved wooden objects and clay pots. Use some of these to hold chips or dinnerware. Focus on food. Fried fish, venison and succotash reflect the tribes of the East and Midwest. For the Southwest try mutton stew, beans and rice and fry bread. Salmon and berries work for a Pacific Northwest theme.