Name Tag Ideas for Bridal Showers

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Bridal showers are a time of celebration for the bride, her bridesmaids, close family and friends. To make each guest feel welcome, simple touches can go a long way in creating a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere during the bridal shower. To help all bridal shower guests become acquainted, especially if the shower will have a larger number of guests, name tags can be beneficial. However, putting a creative spin on name tags can be one more added touch to make the day more memorable.

Design Your Neighbor's Name Tag

Instead of having guests simply write their own name on a name tag upon arrival, ask guests to design their neighbor's name tag. When using traditional name tags, this can be a more creative and fun way to use a name tag. Provide guests with brightly colored markers. Providing guests with a theme such as "spring" or "traveling" if the couple will be embarking on an exotic honeymoon, for example.

Tea Party Nametags

Treat guests to a tea party-themed bridal shower complete with beautiful tea cups and of course, inviting warm tea. Instead of asking guests to wear name tags, attach a small piece of thick stock paper on top of tea bag labels. Before doing so, write each guest's name in calligraphy or in an elegant font. The labels can simply be glued on top of the tea bag labels.

Garden Party Nametags

A garden-themed bridal shower held during spring or summer months opens itself up to a variety of creative ideas and options. Use one fresh flower per guest and attach a small piece of stock card paper with the guest's name written in either calligraphy or in an elegant font. Glue the flower to the name tag using hot glue. Use a variety of flowers for the name tags. Dress up each name tag with beads and sequins for an added touch.

Name Tag Bracelet or Necklace

Making personalized jewelry will serve as a fun and creative activity during the bridal shower as well as a name tag of sorts. Set up a table with jewelry thread, various colorful beads and beads with letters of the alphabet on them. While each guest makes their own necklace or bracelet, they can become acquainted while making something that can be taken home and worn again.