Money Making Ideas for Churches

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For many churches, the contributions from the congregation are not enough to meet the upkeep and salary needs. When you need to raise money for your church, choose events that will make the most of the volunteer services of your congregation and the church grounds. In utilizing existing resources, you can keep costs down and maximize profits.

Night of Music

Take advantage of the talent in your congregation and community by holding a night of music fundraiser. Use the church as the location for the concert and recruit people to perform in the event. You can ask for volunteers at church and talk to local schools and music groups for leads. For many performers, this type of fundraiser is a low-stress way to practice their performance skills and workshop new material. The music you choose can be spiritual or it can relate to a specific theme. Advertise the concert around the community, and consider donating part of the profits to a local charity to increase interest. You will find that interest in concerts is higher when they are tied to a holiday or local event. To draw in a bigger crowd, hold a night of music at Christmas and include a few sing-along pieces to encourage audience participation and engagement. Charge admission to the event and leave a jar out for additional donations.

Babysitting Evening

Around the holidays, hold a babysitting evening at your church to give local parents the chance to get things done at home, run errands or go shopping. Because a church is generally regarded as a safe place in a community, you are more likely to convince parents that it is a safe option. Set specific hours and charge a fee per child. You might choose a weekend evening when parents are more likely to be out of work and looking for free time. Organize games and snacks for the children and make sure you have more activities than you think you will need to keep everyone entertained. Parents can leave their child any time in the set time frame and pick them up at the end.

Summer Waterpark

If you live in an area without a stream or body of water, set up a waterpark fundraiser during the summer to attract local families. Using your church lawn, set up a variety of water-based games for children. Put plastic sheeting on a hill and run water down the sheets so that children can slide down. Set up wading pools. Have games like water gun fights and balloon tosses. Charge a flat fee per child and provide a space for parents to sit. Parents will relish the chance to set their children free to play in the water while they relax in the shade. If you have the volunteer capacity, offer the opportunity for parents to drop off their children for a set period of time. Because churches are often viewed as safe places, parents might feel safer leaving their kids.