How to Meet Men With Money,,

Meeting just any man is simple, but meeting a man with money takes you into the world where money is. Sign up for golf lessons or hang out at the club house. Buy tickets to opening night at the opera, and mingle during intermission. Sitting home and wishing will not bring Mr. Money Bags to your home. Do your homework, buy a new outfit where the rich shop and go where the rich can be found.

Step 1

Get into your new sports outfit, and visit the upscale car dealers. Touting your new hair color and style, you can fool the best of them. Think rich, look rich, and you are on your way to becoming rich. Check out a Porsche, but keep a sharp eye out for a single man. If you find him, smile, introduce yourself, and ask his opinion about which model or style might be best for you.

Step 2

Buy a ticket for the gala performance of "Swan Lake" at the ballet. Wear your knock-'em-dead new outfit and the latest hairstyle, and be prepared to mingle with the rich. If you are lucky, the seat next to you will be taken by a wealthy single man. If not, get up during intermission, head for the cocktail bar, buy a drink, and check out the tables for a guy who appears to be searching for a single woman..

Step 3

Visit a yacht club for lunch. Find a single woman sitting alone, and ask to join her. Meeting a wealthy woman can be of help in meeting the rich man you are seeking. She might have an available rich cousin or brother; never turn down an opportunity to meet the man you seek---you never know when or where he will turn up---it might even be her ex-husband.

Step 4

Set your mind to meeting a man with money, and you will find him. Opening night at expensive art galleries might be a place to go if you are interested in art. Join a professionals-only dating site that does the searching for you (for a steep fee) to find a match. Take tennis lessons, go horseback riding, or write a catchy personal ad in an exclusive magazine. Keep looking at places where the rich mingle, and "he" might just find you.