Medium-Short, Choppy, Layered Hairstyles

choppy hairstyles with medium-short hair are a great change from a long and wavy hairstyle. These hairstyles incorporate the use of choppy cuts between short and medium length, creating a bold look. Hairstyles such as these work well for almost any facial shape, although not everyone prefers shorter hair. Seriously consider this style of haircut before making any commitments. If you decide it's for you, there are plenty of options.


An asymmetrical choppy hairstyle is common for medium-short hair. The asymmetrical style is created by cutting the hair so that one side of the face has long bangs and the other side of the face has no bangs. This is often created by cutting the hair down to lengths of 1 to 2 inches on one side while allowing it to grow to lengths of 6 to 7 inches on the other. The hair should be layered and cut sharply with direct differences between lengths.


A swept, choppy hairstyle is a common modern look, according to Celebrity Hairstyles Magazine. This look is created by cutting the hair in a layered, choppy fashion to frame the face. The bangs are cut to be longer on one side and trimmed on the other so they look swept over to the longer side. The back of the hair should be cut short so that no hair extends below the line of the skull; this frames the face and creates a layered appearance.


A multi-tonal choppy, layered pixie cut is a bold style choice. This look is created by dyeing the hair 2 or 3 different tones; the tones can be dramatically different or simply slightly different colors. For example, a dramatic color scheme would be dyeing the hair red, orange and black while a subtle look could be highlighting brunette hair to a lighter brown. The hair is then layered with several different chopping lengths in a medium-short pixie cut; each chopped length is cut from a different streak of color in the hair. The colors will accentuate the choppy cut, creating an unusual and eye-catching appearance.