Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oregon

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Asking someone to marry you is one of the most important decisions of your life and one neither of you will never forget. Oregon is home to many romantic locations which may provide the perfect backdrop for popping the question. From scenic beaches and picturesque cliffs to quaint mountain inns, the Beaver State offers endless opportunities to make sure that one of the most important questions you will ever ask occurs in a location as breathtaking as the moment.

Columbia Gorge Canyon

Located in northern Oregon along the Cascade Mountain range bordering Washington State, the Columbia Gorge Canyon offers the largest number of waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. This picturesque backdrop is often chosen as the backdrop for wedding proposals. For a truly romantic proposal, pack a picnic lunch and find a scenic spot overlooking the Canyon near a waterfall. Your picnic can include romantic treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, non alcoholic champagne and your favorite comfort foods. Once the moment is right, try hiding the ring inside of a big box filled with several smaller boxes. Inside each box write a little note telling the other person a reason you fell in love with them. The last box should contain the ring with a note asking them to marry you.

Proposal Rock

Located in the small coastal town of Neskowin, Oregon is one of the most frequently utilized, yet remote of all romantic Oregon locations. Proposal Rock, a large rocky mound overlooking the Pacific Ocean is found on the shoreline of Neskowin Beach. Newkowin, a tiny Oregon town that consists of only a small restaurant and a single store, is so small it has no police force or city government. The town's biggest draw is that of Proposal Rock, which has long been known for its romantic effect on lovers and picturesque scenery, inspiring many proposals. A romantic proposal at Proposal Rock may include a walk on the beach discussing all of the good times you have had as a couple and why you are a perfect match. While distracting the other person drop a small bottle which you have been hiding in your pocket or clothing onto the sand. Pretend you just discovered it and show your surprise at the fact that there is a note inside. Encourage the other to open the bottle to see what the note says. The note will read why you want to spend the rest of your lives together and asking him or her to marry you.

Wine Country Farm

Wine Country Farm, located in the heart of Oregon's Cascade Mountain Range, consists of a dreamy landscape to ask someone for their hand in marriage. The Wine Country Farm is a vineyard and historic inn, dating back to the year 1910. The countryside meadows surrounding the inn offers couples activities such as horseback riding, fireplace and hot tubs built for two. When the time is right to pop the question, one enchanting idea is to request that the management bring breakfast to your room. While enjoying breakfast in bed, Hide a little note in one of the breakfast items asking if you can have breakfast in bed together for the rest of your lives and then present the ring.

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