How to Make Small Talk With Your Husband

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In the long years of marriage, it is very common to run out of things to say. Unfortunately, when you are spending all of your time with one person, coming up with new topics can become grueling and taxing. You can spark new conversation with your husband by incorporating small talk into your daily conversations. Small talk often progresses into larger conversations and can help you better relate to and understand your husband.

Ask your husband about his day. This is the most basic form of starting small talk. Though not much may happen during an ordinary day, this can often start conversations about his job, his relationships, and so on.

Come up with diverse topics. Even if you start a conversation about your husband's day, you should keep the topics interesting. Do not just talk about what happened at work. Talk to him about how he feels about his job, what parts of his day seem mundane, and what he hopes to attain from his job. Mention upcoming events as well as the progress of his favorite sports team, and anything that he finds interesting.

Write down some topics to talk about. Choose things that your husband is interested in so that he will be able to converse about them. For the best results, choose topics that you both are interested in, so that you can carry on an intelligent conversation. Talk about his favorite television show or actor, for example.

Listen to what he says. You cannot carry on small talk, if you do not pay attention to the things that are going on in his life and through the course of his day. As long as you carry on your end of the conversation, your husband should carry on his.

Share interesting aspects of your day as well. Your husband will respond to strange things that might have happened during your day. Eventually, he will run out of things to say about his own day, and he will be more likely to have more to say about your day.