How to Make Your Nervous Boyfriend Kiss You

by Diana Smith

The first time your boyfriend kisses you can be revealing of the intensity of the chemistry that the two of you really have. Traditionally, a girl waits for a boy to make the first move. If you feel that the time is right for that first kiss, and your boyfriend seems nervous about taking that next step, then it is time to try and encourage him without increasing his nervousness, which can be a challenge. Keep in mind that a good first kiss can make or break a relationship, so be prepared to relax and enjoy.

Clean your mouth thoroughly by first flossing your teeth and brushing them before your date, as bad breath can be a real turn-off. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper, then use some mouth wash to finish off the teeth-cleaning process. This will not only ensure that you have clean fresh breath, but it will also make you feel more confident and at ease.

Have your date take you to a place that offers a private and romantic setting where the two of you will not be disturbed. You may choose to include some low-volume romantic music while you are in this setting.

Sit close to your date while you are together. Give him some subtle clues without being pushy, such as touching his arm while you are in conversation, leaning in toward him, making frequent eye contact with him, smiling at him a lot, and closely listening to what he says. When you speak to him, talk softly in a tone that is intimate. This will tell him that you are really into him, thus easing his nervousness.

Mirror his body language and verbal cues. For example, when he picks up his drink to take a sip, pick up your drink and take a sip as well. If he crosses his legs, cross your legs, too. If he smooths his hair, smooth your hair. If he uses words such as "I can see what you are saying" then describe things in visual terms (i.e., what you see) as well.

Tell him that he has something on his cheek, then leaning in very close to him, proceed to wipe his cheek gently with your finger, lingering just a bit longer then it would take to remove the "dirt" from his cheek. While you are doing this, look deeply into his eyes and smile slightly.

Pay attention to his breathing pattern. Take your breaths with him at the same rate, at the same time that he does. This will put you closely in sync.

Take the initiative, if he has not yet taken the hint and kissed you on his own. Turn your body to face him, look directly into his eyes, take both of his hands in yours, slowly move your face closer to his, and tell him that you would like for him to kiss you. He won't be able to resist.

When he kisses you, smile and continue kissing him with increasing intensity to show him that you are enjoying it.

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