How to Make a Man Do Anything You Want

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It's easy enough to force or blackmail a husband, son or friend into doing what you want, but when you use that method, you will more than likely destroy your relationship with that person. The key to getting a man to do what you want is to give him something in return. Make him believe that your goal is worth his while. Whether you're his employee, his car salesman or his wife of 50 years, getting a man to do whatever you want works in the same way -- through mutual benefits, not manipulation.

Ask nicely. Sometimes it's enough for a man to know that you would really appreciate him doing what you want. If your grown son hasn't done the dishes for two weeks, don't lecture him, just ask nicely, as if the past two weeks hadn't happened. It's always good to give a man the benefit of the doubt -- the first time you ask, anyway.

Boost his ego. A man, or in fact any person, will be more likely to do something if he thinks that only he can do it correctly. Compliment him on times he has done similar tasks well, and let him know that his participation will make a difference.

Be considerate of his needs and schedule. The aforementioned grown son may be all too happy to do the dishes, but he will be much less accommodating if you make the request just before he goes out on a date. Finding the right moment to make a request can go a long way in getting a man to do what you want him to.

Show him that he will benefit. For instance, if your husband cleans out the garage when you ask him to, he may finally be able to pull his car in. You don't have to bribe a man to get what you want, but make it clear that him doing what you want will benefit him as well as you in most cases. However, there's nothing wrong with a bribe every so often, as long as he knows it's a bribe and doesn't mind.

Find the right time of day to ask. A 2010 study by the contraceptives manufacturer Bayer Shering Pharma found that men's biorhythms influence their moods throughout the day, making them more likely to be accommodating at different times of day. Supposedly, the best time to ask a man to do something is around 6 p.m., assuming the man has had a normal day.