Make Body Paint


0:00 do you have a special event coming up

0:02 maybe a special date or you want to

0:05 entertain the kids my name is Keeley

0:07 selvage with Keeley's Skin Solutions and

0:09 I'm going to show you how to make body

0:11 paint

0:12 what you need is cornstarch shortening

0:16 and some food coloring that's it you

0:18 want to take one and a half tablespoons

0:20 of that shortening and three tablespoons

0:22 of the cornstarch mix them together I

0:25 like to mix them in and a larger saucer

0:28 and then I take little cups like this

0:31 and I put a little bit of food coloring

0:33 in them you take it in there you mix it

0:37 mine needed a little bit of thinning so

0:39 I just added some water and you get the

0:42 perfect consistency for body paint then

0:47 you just take a paintbrush and you can

0:50 put on whatever you want we have your

0:53 army and it will last for several hours

0:59 and it works great with a paintbrush

1:02 then you can do whatever you want on the

1:05 skin my name is Keeley selvage with

1:07 Keeley Skin Solutions and that is how

1:10 you make body paint