How to Love, really love, someone

by Contributor

Every wonder how to selflessly love someone, and make it believable? Here's how...

Often times, the best way to love someone is to get to KNOW them as a person, and this takes communication. It's hard to get to know someone if you don't talk very often, or don't spend any time with them. Somtimes, it's just listening to what they have to say, or a simple hello would even suffice, to begin with.

It's a hard thing, sometimes, in this day and age, to actually LISTEN to someone, but we all know how wonderful it feels when we realize someone is TRULY listening to us. Next time you're with a friend or loved one, just listen, let them talk, and this will allow you to not only get to know them a little better, but also make them feel appreciated, which will be very advantageous for you in the future.

Another way to make someone feel special is what I like to call an ARK, an Act of Random Kindness. It doens't have to be big; it could be holding the door open for them (guys, ladies LOVE this! Even ladies who seem independent), or complimenting them on soemthign they did or are wearing. More often then not, people are SURPRISED by ARKs, and this adds to the effect when you're trying to make them feel a little bit more loved.

Ok, this one is a little harder, just to warn you. For some couples,this is a lesson to be well learned, or for parents and their kids, or siblings, or even friends. Being CONSIDERATE can be a little difficult for some, not solely due to a selfish nature, but also from a lack of observation. Sometimes, fights and misunderstandings occur simply because people are not paying enough attention to the other person's needs. For example, mom comes home, tired from being at work all day, and it only seems to get worse when she sees the huge stack of dishes waiting for her in the sink. Junior comes in shortly after, frustrated from failing his math test (again). Mom sees Junior, and asks him to do the dishes while she starts dinner. Junior's not exactly up for that and pretends to not have heard her. Most people can see where this is going, but possibly, if Junior had paid attention, he might have noticed how tired his mom was.

Sometimes it's as simple as that, other times, not so much, but when you take a look around you and actually observe what's happening, you'll find many opportunities to bless someone else, whether it's as simple as doing the dishes, or perhaps somethign outside of your comfort zone, like giving a foot rub to your dad. Whatever the case may be, being observant and then acting on those observations can make relationships better, and stronger.