List of Discounts for Senior Citizens

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While many people aspire to be able to live comfortably when they grow older, the restrictions of fixed income or other economic issues often make it an absolute necessity to stretch dollars as far as possible. Fortunately, many businesses recognize that need and offer senior citizen discounts—sometimes, even to folks as young as age 50.


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Perhaps the most valuable way of finding senior citizen discounts is membership in the American Association of Retired Persons, which individuals can join for less than $20 a year. AARP compiles a huge list of discounts for those ages 50 and older.


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Even without AARP, many senior citizen discounts can be found simply by asking. Many restaurants—and fast food restaurants in particular—offer savings for senior citizens. Often, the discount is in the cash price, with 10 percent off being a typical offering; other locations may offer portions smaller in size—and lower in price—to older people with smaller appetites.

Lodging and Travel

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Many motels and hotels—not only popular chains, but also independently owned establishments—offer cut-rate prices for older visitors. Discounts also can be found on flights and car rentals, and in some cases, savings can be combined; for instance, hotels from time to time offer double and triple frequent flyer miles to senior citizens. Those who are 62 and older who enjoy visiting America’s national parks, monuments, forests and recreational locations can purchase lifetimes passes for just $10, which give them, as well as anybody in their vehicle, free admission to such facilities.

Shopping and Medical

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Retailers also are doing their part to entice senior citizens to visit them. Some stores offer daily discounts, while others offer everyday lower prices to senior citizens. Also available are lower prices on eyewear and prescription drugs, particularly online—although seniors should always use caution in using such sites for their drugs, and check the distributor's reputability first.

Other Discounts

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There are a plethora of other savings available for senior citizens, in a wide range of areas. Movie theaters, for instance, may discount tickets; oil changes may be offered at slashed rates; and banks may offer reduced or no fees for some of their services. Additionally, grocery stores often have a senior citizen day where bargains abound. Discounts may also be found at fitness clubs, garages, museums and many other places. The mantra, which cannot be emphasized enough, is: If you want a senior citizens' discount, ask!