Lia Sophia Game Ideas

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Lia Sophia fashion jewelry consultants utilize games during their home shows as a way to promote their business, elicit bookings, and attract potential sales consultants, as well as make the party enjoyable for all the guests. The games help to break the ice, and provide the guests with the opportunity to win prizes. Games also break the monotony of simply presenting items for sale.

The Purse Game

For this game, the consultant requests that each guest get her purse. The consultant will then present letters one at a time. For each letter, the guests need to look through their purses and be the first to find something starting with that letter. The winner for each letter gets a ticket.

After there is a winner chosen for each letter, the consultant can use that opportunity to talk about an aspect of her business that starts with the letter. For example, the letter &quot;O&quot; can be used to discuss the business opportunity presented by Lia Sophia. In the end, the letters should spell a word, and the guest who knows what the word is gets another ticket. At the end of the party, the tickets are used in a drawing, and one guest wins a prize chosen by the consultant.


Each guest should be given a blank bingo card at the beginning of the party. The consultant will then read off a list of words and product names that the guests are likely to hear throughout the demonstration. The guests should be instructed to write each of the words down in a different box.

Throughout the show, the guests should cross off the words on the Bingo card as they hear them. The first guest to get a Bingo wins. The purpose of this game is to encourage the guests to listen to the consultant while she is speaking instead of chatting with the other guests during the demonstration.

Ask Me About My Job

This game is designed for the guests to learn more about the business side of Lia Sophia, and possibly make a decision on whether or not they would like to become a Lia Sophia consultant.

The Lia Sophia consultant will set a timer for three minutes. The guests then ask as many questions about the sales consultant&#039;s job as they can think of during those three minutes. The questions can be about the company or about the consultant&#039;s feelings towards or experiences with the company. Every guest that comes up with a relevant question will be given a ticket to win a prize. After the three minutes are up, the consultant can answer each question for the group.

I Have It, I Love It

This game gives the guests the opportunity to talk about their favorite pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry, which may persuade the other guests to buy the same or similar pieces. At the start of the show, the consultant will instruct the guests to raise their hand and yell &quot;I have it, I love it&quot; each time the consultant picks up a piece of jewelry they own.

The guest will then explain why she loves that particular piece of jewelry, when she wore it last and what she wore it with. Each guest who participates will get a ticket for a chance to win a prize.