How to Be Friends With a Famous Person

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The tired expression “Famous people are just like me and you” is true, and can be used to your advantage if you are trying to friend a celebrity. The biggest Hollywood stars use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, in addition to having as many interests and problems as anyone else. Your ability to relate and identify with a star can determine your success at befriending them.

Step 1

Learn more about who he is as a person, not as a star. Though tabloids and newspapers publish false or highly misleading stories about celebrities, look for any extensive interviews with the celebrity to get a feel for his sense of humor and beliefs. More important, research his character to determine if you like him as a person and if the two of you would get along. Also research his interests and learn what the two of you have in common. Check for similarities in schooling, sports, political interests and miscellaneous hobbies.

Step 2

Befriend her online. Holly McKay of Fox News says many celebrities respond directly to letters from fans in addition to chatting with fans during certain hours. Segue into the friend request by expressing your admiration for her based on a specific attribute. Do not say how you loved her character in her most recent movie; that character is not representative of her. Instead, comment on how you respect her for her involvement with autism awareness or charitable work.

Post occasional comments that show polite interest, support and enthusiasm. If you know she is a fan of certain authors or movies, indirectly reference these sources to better identify with her.

Step 3

Try to learn his whereabouts. Check his profile on Facebook or Twitter account to garner information on coming events. Select an event or location that is the least crowded. Ideally, attend a book reading or intimate concert. Attend and spend money at any charity events or auctions where the prize is one-on-one time with him.

Step 4

Get a conversation started. Because you have just a few seconds, plan your short speech beforehand. Impress her by identifying with her on the personal level.

Develop several facts linking your experiences and interests that you can convey in one sentence. If she’s Jewish and you both went to Arizona State, mention something like, “I heard you went to college at Arizona State. I really miss the matzo ball soup at Chompie’s Deli, don’t you?”

At the end of the conversation, nonchalantly offer your phone number and express your interest in showing her around the city or exploring it together.