Lesbian Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Gina Ragusa ; Updated September 28, 2017

Send your friend off in style before she marries the woman of her dreams with an insane and memorable bachelorette party. Invite her closest friends to take this pre-marital journey to celebrate her last few nights as a single woman. If she wants her significant other to be included for a two-brides party, throw a lavish affair that will celebrate their love.

Slumber Party

Ask the bride’s friends to arrive in their cutest pajamas and begin the evening with a lesbian-friendly trivia board game such as Homogenius. Crack open the wine, cheese and other fun party foods to eat while you play the game.

Invite a lesbian sex-toy representative to attend the party to display the latest toys for the bride-to-be. After the rep’s presentation ask the party guests to peruse the table of toys and select special gifts for the bride (or themselves).

After the representative leaves, top off the night watching some lesbian-themed movies such as “Kissing Jessica Stein,” “But I’m a Cheerleader” or “If these Walls Could Talk Part Two.”

Rainbow Bar Hopping

Show your gay pride and throw a bachelorette party where guests come dressed in rainbow attire. Purchase special rainbow T-shirts from the local gay-and-lesbian clothing store. Have each T-shirt printed with the bride’s name and the day she is getting married.

Distribute the shirts to the bride and the guests before the bar hopping begins for the evening. Host a pre-party happy hour at your home with the bride and guests that includes drinks and fun, gay-themed gimmick gifts.

Hit all the local gay-and-lesbian bars on your bar hop. For extra fun, go to a local drag queen bar. Rent a limo or party bus so none of the guests have to worry about drinking and driving.

Lesbian Cruise

Welcome the brides-to-be and friends on a gay friendly cruise to celebrate a bachelorette party in style. Lesbian-friendly travel agencies that can assist you with your cruise include Olivia, R.S.V.P. and Atlantis.

Tell the ship's social director ahead of time that your group is on the cruise for a bachelorette party. Celebrate with the brides-to-be on board the first evening with a toast at dinner.