Least Expensive Places to Get Married

by Chelsei Henderson

Consider a few of these least expensive places to get married.

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Weddings often cost thousands of dollars. Brides, more often than not, seek ways to cut costs. Finding an inexpensive wedding ceremony venue will help you reduce an otherwise inflated wedding budget. Consider a few of the least expensive places to get married.


Look to your own backyard for a picturesque wedding ceremony. When getting married in the backyard of a friend or family member, your wedding will be unique from any other person's wedding. However, because you are not at a traditional venue, you must get creative. For example, instead of renting chairs, have a country wedding in which guests sit on bales of hay during the ceremony. Whatever the location is, use what you already have on hand, or what friends can lend you.


If you or your betrothed has attended the same church for life, get married at the church that holds such special meaning. The church may not charge you anything to hold the ceremony there. Talk to the pastor to get permission to hold your ceremony. Most churches have tables and chairs in a reception hall; the church may allow you to rent the hall for a reception at a reduced rate.

State Park

A spot at your nearby state park will cost a bit of money to reserve. Prices vary depending on your location; however, the fee is typically low. This is one of the least expensive places to get married. However, because it's an outdoor ceremony, you must rent chairs for guests or find creative seating arrangements. With the picturesque landscape and rich history, the local state park will provide a cost-effective wedding ceremony.

Restaurants or Businesses

If you have a friend who owns a restaurant or business, ask her if you can hold your wedding ceremony there. A restaurant can double as a reception venue. You would not have to worry about renting seating, which is provided. Additionally, a place of business with ornate architecture, large open spaces, or a garden area may be your ideal wedding location.

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