How to Lead a Christian Mother's Support Group

Many Christian mothers seek a place where they can come together for fellowship and support while seeking wisdom from God and the Bible. Leading a Christian mother's support group is a very rewarding experience where you can help other mothers while making friends. Follow these steps to get started.

Talk to your pastor or church leaders about starting a Christian mother's support group. See what kind of support and resources they can provide.

Choose a location, day and time to have your group meeting. Decide if you want to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Come up with a convenient time for everyone to get together. Your church may have a good place to meet, or you can gather at someone's home.

Think about child care. Hire babysitters, look for volunteers or take turns watching the children.

Advertise your support group to reach mothers in need of support. Make announcements at church, place ads in the paper and utilize the Internet. Join different online communities for mothers and let them know about your group.

Keep a database of all contacts you make so that you can easily send out meeting reminders.

Decide if you will use a book to guide your meeting topics or plan individual topics. There are many good devotional and self help books for mothers. Select relevant bible verses to bring into the discussion.

Lead meetings by beginning and ending with prayer. Provide time for the mothers to discuss what is going on in their lives and any parenting issues they face. Be flexible and allow meetings to move off track if they need to, but at the same time do not let any one person dominate the conversation. Be supportive and considerate of the needs of your group members.