Kristen Bell Gets Super Honest About Her Golden Globes Dress Secret

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Having a bodacious butt is now The Thing, and even gorgeous celebrities and perfectly toned fitness stars like Cassey Ho are feeling the pressure. Leave it to Veronica Mars, aka “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell, to be hilariously frank about the undergarment that’s giving her a little boost from behind.

Before heading to the Golden Globes, Bell posted a photo of herself weilding her secret weapon for the night — panties with padding in the back — to her Instagram. What’s not to love about a solution like this that doesn’t include rigorous spot training (which has been proven not to work), yo-yo dieting (not healthy) or surgery (no comment)?

Even better, Bell’s willingness to open the kimono (as it were) and reveal what goes into making a red-carpet appearance allows us all to take a collective sigh of relief. Celebrities really are just like us, even when they stun at an awards show in couture.

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Bell is known for her candidness, honesty and likability on social media and in interviews. Remember her and husband Dax Shepard’s epic South Africa trip log, set to Toto’s “Africa” that went viral last year? But it takes a lot more than a great soundtrack for stars to be up front about their bodies and the work (and help!) they need to look red carpet-ready.

According to Self, the shapely undergarments add about half an inch to the backside, allowing Bell’s sparkly Jenny Packham gown to pop. “Shapewear” is no stranger to Hollywood events: Globes host Jimmy Fallon even made a Spanx joke in his opening number. Now if only more celebrities were real about wearing them, the growing body-positivity movement would score a few more points.

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