Kinds of Glue to Repair Running Shoes

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Most running shoes are designed to be long-lasting with comfort and flexibility as some of their top priorities. Unfortunately, even the best designed shoes sometimes need repair due to damage or normal wear and tear. There are certain kinds of shoe repair glue that can fix your running shoes so you don't have to purchase a new pair.

Shoe Goo

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Shoe Goo is an adhesive that was made specifically for repairing tennis shoes. These days it is still used for this purpose, as well as for dress shoes, plastic, glass and ceramic surfaces. This product is good for waterproofing shoes, leather, fishing gear and foul weather gear. Shoe Goo gives skateboards extra tread if placed on the top surface.


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Freesole is a flexible, durable type of shoe repair glue made from urethane rubber. You can use this kind of shoe glue for reattaching heels, soles and toes areas of shoes and boots. You can even use this product for ski delaminations and inline skates.

Sof Sole Glue

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Sof Sole Glue is a specifically designed adhesive for athletic shoes and boots. This glue goes on clear with the help of the easy applicator nozzle. Make sure the area is clean before you apply the glue. Hold the pieces together until the bond is made. Allow it to dry thoroughly before wearing your shoes.

Gorilla Glue

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Gorilla Glue is a very strong type of PVC glue that can be used on surfaces. It’s handy to have around the house for other projects as well. Clean the area you are going to glue together with a washcloth and soap, then rinse. Add a small amount of glue to the damp area and hold the pieces together with a vice grip until it has dried. Be aware that Gorilla Glue expands quite a bit, so you only need a little. Gorilla Glue is not specifically designed for shoe repair, as it is not flexible and can crack and flake if it applied to an area of the shoe that needs to flex. Use it as a temporary fix or if you don’t have means to obtain other shoe repair glue.