How to Use Shoe Goo

Use Shoe Goo to repair shoes with just a squeeze. It is flexible and waterproof and can easily match colors. When Shoe Goo is cured, it becomes flexible and waterproof. Extending the life of any of your shoes is easy to do.

Check out your shoes with holes, tears, damaged heels, loose insoles or those that are just worn out. This substance can repair leather, canvas, vinyl or rubber shoes and even adheres to metal, brick, marble and brass.

Choose a very well ventilated area to use this product. The temperature should be between 70 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean the area thoroughly that you'll be applying the Shoe Goo to. It is suggested that you roughen the surface with something such as sandpaper.

Apply a squeeze to the surface and allow it to set for 2-10 minutes before putting the surfaces together. Make sure you fit in place the first time because there is a permanent bond that forms immediately.

Let dry for at least 24 hours and then test. The drying time varies based on the material and temperature, but the average is from 24 to 72 hours.