What Kinds of Gifts Should You Get Your Girlfriend If You Don't Have Money?

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Your girlfriend's birthday or an upcoming holiday is approaching soon, and you are in a jam due to your limited funds. Fortunately, simple materials you already have and the creative skills you already possess will be everything required to create the perfect gift for her. The effort you put into crafting the gift may actually end up being more meaningful to your girlfriend than a costly present purchased from a store.

Homemade Edible Gifts

Ingredients you already have on hand can be used to make something tasty for your girlfriend to munch on. Perhaps you find that you have all the ingredients to make chocolate-covered pretzels. Simply dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate a day before and place them in a small box lined in waxed tissue paper as a suggested gift in the "Good Housekeeping" article, "25 Easy, Homemade Holiday Food Gifts." Consider chocolate-covered strawberries as another gift option. Or, there may be a box of cookie mix sitting in your cabinet that you can use to make homemade heart-shaped cookies to place in a decorative tin.

The Gift of Doing

If your girlfriend has a hectic work schedule, give her a gift that will allow her to focus more on her job. Allowing someone to have unexpected free time can be an invaluable present, according to the "Marie Claire" article, "17 Gifts That Don't Cost a Thing," by Koryn Kennedy. Maybe you can create a printed coupon book that she can redeem for favors from you at anytime, such as walking her dog, bringing her a home-cooked meal or washing her clothes. The extra time she receives from your favors will allow her to get her work done without having to worry about any daily chores or needs.

Music for Her Ears

Utilize any vocal and instrumental skills you have to create an original song to express your love to your girlfriend. Write meaningful lyrics and use accompanying background music. Depending on the occasion, create a cheerful tune to give her birthday wishes or a soft ballad to signify why you adore her so much on Valentine's Day. Invite your girlfriend over to surprise her and sing and play the song. If you are not musically skilled, a well-planned playlist can show her how much she means to you, explains Kennedy. Compile a personal playlist of songs by her favorite artists.

Trip Back in Time

Since you are unable to afford a romantic vacation, grab your girlfriend's hand and give her a sentimental gift. Take her on a stroll to all the places in your neighborhood that have significance to your relationship. Go back to the place you shared your first kiss, the place where you had your first date and so on. Recite an original poem to her or give her a kiss at each location. Alternatively, have your girlfriend embark on a scavenger hunt alone. Hide handmade notes to lead her to the next location, suggests Kennedy. Surprise your girlfriend at the final location with a picnic lunch.