What Kind of Bread for Escargot?

by Aya Pauli

Escargot, French for “snails,” is a classic dish cooked in a garlicky butter sauce. It is typically served with bread, which is delicious dipped in the rich sauce. The best type of bread is one that is thick enough to act as a sponge but mellow enough to allow the escargot flavor to shine through.

White Breads

From sweet to sour, any hearty white bread works with escargot. Serve snails with a crusty Italian or French bread to add a slightly crunchy texture to the chewy dish. Go with a classic white bread for a sweet flavor or a traditional sourdough bread for some zip.

Wheat Breads

Wheat bread has a slightly richer taste than white bread, but it’s still mild enough to allow the escargot’s flavor to take center stage. Pair snails with honey wheat bread to bring a sweet taste to the dish, or serve multi-grain bread for a rich background flavor. Serve the escargot with a hazelnut or walnut wheat bread for a nutty twist.

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