How Do Kids Make Food Without the Oven or Stove for a Party?

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Letting your child make some of the food for his own party teaches him about making healthy food and guarantees he'll like everything served at the party. Making food without a stove or oven keeps him from getting burned, and food that doesn't need to be hot makes the party day less stressful. Help him prepare food the day before, or the morning of the party.


Children as young as toddlers can help put together wraps, and they can be easily made a day ahead of the party. Make sweet wraps by letting children smear peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and raisins on whole wheat tortillas, or help them cover tortillas with vegetables, turkey and either hummus or creamy salad dressing. Your child can roll up the tortillas for you to cut into inch-wide pieces. The pieces will resemble colorful pinwheels that will get all the guests' attention.


As long as you do all the cutting, kids can make a number of healthy fruit treats that their friends will enjoy. Remove the stems from strawberries, cut bananas into inch-long pieces, cut melons into cubes and let children push the fruit pieces onto skewers. Or have your child wash and dry strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Have him spoon plain yogurt into the bottom of a clear cup and add layers of berries and more yogurt for a colorful parfait. Top each parfait with a dollop of whipped cream.


Making a big bowl of snack mix requires no knives or special kitchen equipment and a child can personalize the mix to match his tastes. Children can make a sweet trail mix by combining peanuts, rice cereal, yogurt-covered raisins and dried apricots or banana chips. To serve the mix for dessert, add some chocolate or peanut butter chips. To make a savory mix, children can combine small cheese crackers, pretzels, corn cereal, peanuts and light popcorn. For extra flavor, add some ranch seasoning mix.

Frozen Treats

Whether it's an outdoor summer party or a winter sleepover, children enjoy frozen treats. These treats make ideal party desserts, since they're plenty sweet but healthier than cake or cookies. Children can mix together their favorite fruit juices and pour the mixture into molds. Add a stick to each mold and freeze until the pops are solid. To make thicker pops, help children make smoothies with their favorite fruits and juice and freeze the smoothie mixture.