Kids' Boots That Look Like Uggs

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Kids are always wanting the latest and greatest when it comes to clothing. Footwear is no different. UGG Boots are a must-have for many kids. However, parents know that keeping up with the mini-Joneses can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, parents can get that UGG look for their kids without spending their college savings.

The Materials

What makes UGG Boots so special? UGGs are known for their high quality twin-faced sheep-skin, which lines the trendy boots, giving them a comfortable feel and signature look. Twin-faced sheep-skin is the highest quality sheep-skin available -- and the culprit in bringing the price of child-sized UGGs to sky-high proportions. For a pair of child-sized classic UGG Boots, you will be set back roughly $140. Higher-end UGG Boots for kids can reach upwards of $200.

The Look

UGG Boots come in a variety of styles. However, the classic UGG look is a simple calf- or ankle-high boot lined with fleece. The boot sometimes has a turned top showing off the fleece within. Sheep-skin detailing can adorn the exterior of the boot or peek inconspicuously from the top. If the child wants the UGG look, find a boot that is at least ankle-high, has fur detailing and offers a fleece lining.

Get the UGG Look for Less

Fortunately, for the penny-pinching parent, a number of sheep-skin boot options have hit the market at much lower prices than traditional UGG Boots. Lands' End makes the Skylar Boot that features a faux-fur collar. The Skylar Boot resembles the UGG boot at a fraction of the cost. For less than $60, your child can wear a boot that resembles an UGG and can hold up to continued wear. Payless Shoe Source, Wal-Mart, Target and Macy's all sell UGG-inspired looks at $30 or less. All these boots offer the UGG look without authentic sheep-skin or leather.

Other Brands

If sheep-skin is a must for your child's boot, there are other high-end boot brands that carry UGG-style boots. FitFlop Little Kid/Big Kid Mukluk Mini Boots are made of shearling linging and suede. They are slightly cheaper than UGG boots at roughly $100. EMU Australia makes a line of genuine sheep-skin lined boots. Very similar in appearance to UGG Boots, EMUs run about $80. Finally, Soft Star makes a line of boots that features genuine leather and sheep-skin. They are soft-soled and come in many different colors. Soft Star sheep-skin boots start at a little more than $90.