How to Keep Your Love One in Prison Focused

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No matter what the people in prison have done, they are still people, too. Most people nowadays have had someone in their family to go to jail or prison. So what can you do to help this person? Why not write or type a letter to the person in prison or jail? The letter can always be read over & over again. I heard some of the prisoners like to share their letters with some of their close friends.

What to write about? Write all that you remember about this person: the good side of that person. Keep them posted on the outside. Time changes really fast for people in prison. Write about simple things such as the name of a street changing. Tell them what went on throughout this week. Tell a story. Write a poem. Poems are beautiful ways to express our inner feelings.

Send lots of pictures! Make sure you make a copy of your photos. I have heard of stories that when they do a transfer, the guard will throw away their stuff. Sending letters may actually be cheaper than making phone calls.

If you don't have anything to say, there are many cards to choose from. You can find all kind of cards at Walmart, Kohl's, Target, CVS, etc. You can even make a card from the computer customized personally. If you are an artist, draw pictures. You may even come across a nice newspaper article: cut it out!

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