How to Keep Kids Out of Trouble

Keeping kids out of trouble can be difficult, especially when they become teenagers. This article will list tips on how to keep kids out of trouble.

First, you need to determine whether you want to be your kids' friend or you want to be your kids' parent. It is nearly impossible to be both. If you try to be both, you will have somewhat of a split personality, so the kids never know if they are talking to the "friend" or the "parent". If you decide to be the "friend", then you are basically putting yourself on the same level as your child, therefor you have no authority over them. If you decide to be the "parent", you must set rules and these rules must come with consequences. If your child breaks the rules, the consequences must come into play. If you do not discipline your child, then they know that they can walk all over you.

Make sure your child is involved in structured activities. They should have very little time in the day where there is "nothing to do" or where they are "bored". Kids with nothing to do that are bored come up with crazy stupid ideas for entertainment. That is when they get into trouble. Consider enrolling your children in sports, dance, music, or other fun activities to keep them out of trouble.

Try to maintain an open line of communication with your kids. If they know that they can trust you, then they will be more willing to let you help them with their problems, instead of trying to cover up problems which makes them worse.