Items to Buy for a Baby Shower That People Forget

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Baby showers help Mom prepare for the arrival of her newborn. However, there are gifts people forget that can prove useful well up into a child's toddler years. Most often this list can include gifts for the parents and even diapers. Catering to the individual family and their needs can help you gift an item that someone else might not have thought to give.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are the gift that keeps on giving. Most often, people associate a gift certificate with not being thoughtful, but the type of gift certificate you buy can make it even more so. Often people forget about the parents and the actuality of raising a baby. After a long day the last thing Mom wants to do is cook dinner. Gift a dinner delivery certificate for a relaxing evening or maybe a movie rental. Parents of a new infant might also enjoy a trip to a day spa, massage or cloth diaper service certificate, too.


Diaper cakes combine diapers with toys and cute ribbons. However, a baby grows fast. Most people forget that a newborn is only a newborn for a moment and before you know it, she is in size 2 and 3 diapers. When throwing a baby shower, encourage all the guests to bring a pack of diapers by offering a $50 certificate to a local restaurant or spa. Most business owners like to help out in the community, and they might even donate one. For every pack brought, a name is put in a bowl and drawn at the end of the baby shower. Encourage guests to bring various sizes of diapers, as well.

Lifestyle Gifts

Lifestyle gifts also focus on the parent. Focusing gifts toward the type of lifestyle the parents lead is a way to give a gift that no one typically thinks about. Some parents are environmentally conscious. Gifting organic or fair trade baby items would make an eco-friendly parent smile. Strollers can suit lifestyles as well, such as a jogging stroller, an all-terrain stroller or even one with a music system. People also often forget a baby backpack carrier, sling and cloth diapers as baby shower gifts.

Baby Proofing Products

As the baby grows he is most likely going to explore. A baby-proofing gift is something most people do not think of when buying for a newborn. Determine the type of house or apartment in which the parents reside, then explore the options of what might help them in the future. Some items to think about include: baby gates; baby safety locks for doors, cabinets, drawers, windows, appliances, toilets and more; and accident-prevention products like furniture padding, fireplace padding, appliance and television strapping and electrical outlet covers.