How to Introduce Your Girlfriend to Your Parents

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The first time your parents meet your girlfriend will be a stressful time. No matter how well prepared you might be, the most important people in your life will all be in the same place at the same time for the first time. Many people believe that first impressions are indications of how well people will get along in the future and it is very important that your girlfriend and your parents create a positive relationship. Follow these steps to introduce your girlfriend to your parents.

Don't surprise your parents. If your relationship is serious enough to meet each other's parents then your parents should already know about the person you are with. Give your parents details about your girlfriend so that they know what to expect, and possibly how to prepare for such a visit.

Don't surprise your girlfriend. Most people are somewhat sensitive when it comes to their parents. Some parents are outgoing, some are laidback, and some are just plain weird. Your girlfriend should have some image of who your parents are.

Don't do it right away. Make sure that you have developed a fairly strong relationship with the person first. Meeting each other's parents can be a big step in a relationship, and is often a sign that the relationship is getting serious.

Just be yourself. While it is important to try to impress your girlfriend's parents with good manners and appropriate behavior, it is not a good idea to act out of character. You should just be yourself. Your girlfriend likes you for you, it is important that her parents like you for similar reasons.

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  • Most parents, no matter how old they get, want to know what's going on in their children's lives. If your parents don't know anything about the person you are bringing home, then you have already created an awkward situation.
  • Once again, it never hurts to prepare your girlfriend for what to expect when he or she meets your parents.
  • If your girlfriend is a vegetarian or allergic to cats, warn your parents ahead of time. These situations might create an awkward situation at Mom and Dad's house.
  • Share childhood stories and experiences with your girlfriend ahead of time, throughout your relationship. This gives them an idea of what kind of people you come from.


  • Don't try to act like a different person to please your girlfriend's parents. Eventually they will find out who you really are.
  • Bringing him or her home to Mom and Dad too soon, might scare your girlfriend away. Make sure you wait until both of you feel comfortable with the idea of meeting each other's parents.

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