How to Find Information on Someone

When you're looking to find information on someone, the fastest method might be to turn to the Internet. While that is tried and true, and you are likely to find the most information in the least amount of time about the person you are seeking info on, other avenues can be explored as well. The best way to find information on someone is to use all methods you can think of until you discover what you're looking for.

Use online people searches. US Search, Spokeo and People Lookup are examples of search engines dedicated to finding information on people. Enter the name -- or part of the name -- of the person you're looking for, and review the hits you receive from the search. You could be required to pay for extra information past the basic search return.

Search the web. Use Google, Yahoo or another search engine to find information on someone. Type in her name along with either the last place you knew her to live or her occupation. Any bit of information you can include in your search will help the search engine narrow down its returns, making it more likely you find information on the exact person you're seeking.

Use social media. Sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo and LinkedIn could allow you to find the person you're looking for, just by typing in hisr name or a nickname you know he once went by. Social media also will help you get the word out to friends and acquaintances that you're looking for information -- if your inquiry reaches the right person, you might find the information you wanted and more.

Visit the public library. If the person you're seeking information on lived years ago, you could be better off searching for the information in the stacks at your local library. Ask a librarian for help searching through old records in print and on microfilm or fiche. Check out old newspapers for birth, death, wedding, divorces and land sale records, all of which are part of the public domain.

Interview family members, friends and acquaintances of the person you want information on. Talking with people who know or knew the person will help you get a sense of who she is, where she came from and what kind of life she leads. They also might be able to lead you to the person directly.