Inexpensive Engagement Gifts

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Sharing your best wishes is the first priority upon learning that a couple you know is engaged, but it's also a friendly gesture to give the couple a small gift. Engagement gifts are often inexpensive, which is ideal if you're on a budget or plan to spend a significant amount of money for the couple's upcoming wedding. Your gift can be useful around the home, contribute to wedding planning, provide an experience or center around love.

Gifts for Around Home

Several gifts for the couple's home are inexpensive but should still bring smiles to the couple's face. Download an image of the couple off a social media site, print it and place it in a stylish, love-themed frame. A potted plant or some freshly cut flowers also help you convey your message, while a bottle of wine is a traditional gift to offer best wishes. For the couple that enjoys spending time together in the kitchen, buy a cookbook related to the couple's favorite type of food.

Help With Wedding Planning

The newly engaged couple probably hasn't started wedding planning just yet, so head to the bookstore and buy something to help the process. A couple of wedding planning magazines will help the bride-to-be dream about the big day, while a "wedding survival" book provides some lighthearted lessons for the groom-to-be. A wedding planning book, complete with checklists, will help the couple to keep organized. If you're really on a budget, a wedding magazine is often a cheaper alternative than a book.

An Experience Together

Depending on your budget, it's often appropriate to give the newly engaged couple a gift card or tickets to allow them to enjoy an outing together. Tickets to a community theater, sporting event or festival don't have to break the bank and can still stand out in the couples' mind. A gift card to a nearby coffee shop, cafe, wine bar or specialty foods store provides a reason for the couple to enjoy a casual night of relaxing together.

Focus on Love

You don't have to spend much money to get a fun gift that focuses on the couple's love. Buy a set of salt and pepper shakers that nest together in a "hugging" manner, get a pair of wine glasses etched with "His" and "Hers," or some cloth napkins monogrammed with the couple's soon-to-be shared last initial -- provided the bride plans to change her name. Other ideas include a piece of wall art or a set of coasters depicting a famed love quote.