How to Impress a Guy on Facebook

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You know what you're doing when you post on Facebook, says blogger Lauren Suval. Not only do you crave attention from others, she notes, but you seek to depict yourself in a favorable light. Using Facebook wisely can help you get the attention of your crush and maybe pique his interest in getting to know you outside of the online world.


If you're lucky, the guy you'd like to impress will check out your Facebook profile. Clean it up by deleting all self-pitying or otherwise embarrassing posts. Develop your "About" page, adding bands, television shows, books and pages that you like. Have a dictionary handy, as "Time" magazine reports that job recruiters tend to check out spelling and grammar on social network profiles. It's entirely possible the guy you like will form a judgment based on the same. Put your best foot forward with a profile photo that is flattering and clear. Guys like it when girls smile, according to psychologist Jeremy Dean on, so consider a pic that shows your pearly whites.


Your Facebook posts reflect what's going on in your life at any moment. Keep your posts upbeat and fun so you don't look like a Debbie Downer. For example, posting an entertaining or helpful remark is much better than writing, "Like if you feel invisible and sad like me." If you post depressing or angry content, the guy you like may shy away for fear of getting caught in emotional drama. During the course of your day, if something funny or absurd happens, consider it fodder for an interesting Facebook post. Don't overedit your posts, however. Suval warns that the desire to impress another person can prevent you from being fully authentic. Keep it real -- and positive.


Photos provide a great opportunity to catch your crush's attention. Post photos that depict you and your friends in a flattering light. You also can post photos that you think he might be interested in, such as a shot of the trail you bike or of the lead singer of the band whose concert you recently attended. Adjust your Facebook settings so you can untag yourself in any photos that don't reflect your usual stunning good looks, such as the one your best friend posted of you peeling popped bubble gum off your face.


Facebook's chat feature provides a great opportunity to connect with the guy you want to impress. Hit him up when you see he's online. Steer away from standard chat dialogue such as "What's up," "Not much," and "I'm bored." Instead, open the conversation with something like, "Oh wow, can you believe our history professor told us we have to do personal interviews? Who are you going to interview?" Specific remarks and questions will be more likely to pique his interest than the notion that you are sitting at home, bored and watching something dull on television.