How to Compliment a Guy While Texting

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Complimenting a guy through text is a non-intrusive way to boost his self-esteem, spark a conversation and open the possibility of him complimenting and flirting back. Whether you are trying to gain his romantic attention, or simply want to compliment him on a recent achievement or job well done, sending a compliment via texting can bring a smile to his face and open the doors for a deeper discussion.

Short but Sweet

Overly wordy, drawn-out text messages may be a chore to read and may cause the intended recipient to overlook them. Keep your compliment simple and to the point, such as "Hey Tristan, you guys played a great game, I can't wait to see you in action again," or "You rocked at that meeting -- good job!"


Being subtle will give your guy friend the opportunity to respond back and ask more questions. A compliment such as, "Wow, you looked hot tonight," can come across as bold, but may cause a more reserved guy to back off. On the other hand, a compliment such as "You really clean up nice," or "You look good in a suit," may peak his interest and get him to respond back.

Good Grammar

Resist the urge to abbreviate or use poor grammar when sending a compliment to a guy. Although some people think it is cute, and others find that typing two characters, such as "UR" instead of six characters in "You are" saves precious seconds -- your guy friend may view poor grammar and cheesy text slang as a turn off.

Wait for a Response

While the temptation to use your compliment as a springboard to a conversation may feel overwhelming, give him time to read your text and respond. With any luck, he will return your compliment with one of his own, giving you something to start with a conversation with. If he hasn't responded yet, he may be busy, may have turned his phone off or he may be thinking of the right words to say.

Use Emoticons

Text messaging is lacking in non-verbal communication that you see in person or hear on the phone. You can use emoticons to lighten up the tone of your compliment. "You looked great tonight," sends the friendly message that you thought your guy friend was well-put together, while, "You looked great tonight ;)" is more flirtatious. While using emoticons can help in the otherwise gray areas of texting, overusing them may come across as annoying or childish.

Choose Wisely

While there is always the chance that a guy can tell his friends about the things you discuss in person or on the phone, text messages have a digital trail that can lead directly back to you. Choose your compliments carefully and avoid texting a guy anything that would embarrass you if someone else were to read what you wrote.