Things to Say After the First Kiss

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Few would argue that a couple’s first kiss is an important milestone in the relationship. Psychology Professor Pamela Regan explains in "The Very First Kiss: Momentous or Disastrous?" in “Psychology Today” that the first kiss often indicate a change in the intimacy of a relationship. However, the couple’s chemistry and how they handle the aftermath of the kiss can make the experience a positive or a negative one.

Good Kisses

If a first kiss catches you off guard, you and your partner might find yourselves speechless. In such cases, nonverbal communication such as a smile or a hug can show your enjoyment until you pull yourself together and are ready to talk. Indeed, Regan found that initial speechlessness was a common reaction for many young couples. If you are ready to talk after your kiss, simply making eye contact and saying, "That was very nice" can suffice.

Awkward Kisses

If the kiss was awkward, acknowledging this directly may be best. If you are comfortable making a joke, humor can be a good way to deflect a tough situation. In his “Psychology Today” article “Why Jokes Are Seductive,” psychologist Gil Greengross explains that using humor with your partner can make you appear more attractive and in some cases, more intelligent.